Ocean View Motel and Chalet

Welcome to Ocean View Motel and Chalets

At the end of the rainbow you will find your pot of gold at the Ocean View Motel & Chalets in the Acadian village of Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail. According to Irish legend, if you catch a wee leprechaun, he must give you a wish and his pot of gold. Well, at Ocean View Motel and Chalets you don’t have to catch a wee folk to become immersed in warm hospitality, a genuine handshake and the filling of your every comfort wish while our guest. The fantastic hues of the rainbow over the Gulf of St. Lawrence welcome you in the best Acadian tradition.

Leaping bonfires light the night as they crackle and hiss into red embers to the delight of the bleary eyed children forcing themselves to keep awake as not to miss any of the excitement and piping hotdogs from the grill. The screech of the gulls breaks the silence while the rush of the sea smashes home to the rocks below the fire.

Visit a piece of God’s creation in a pristine garden of activities, colour and traditions. We have a vacancy, so call to confirm your reservation soon. The Power-Poirier family look forward to sharing their idyllic haven with you and your guests while on the Cabot Trail.

In operation from May 1st to October 31st.

Ocean View Motel and Chalets is registered with Canada SelectOcean View Motel and Chalets is Nova Scotia Quality Approved